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South Jersey Region #35 is comprised of the Southern Portion of the State of New Jersey, and most of the chapters are centered around Cherry Hill. South Jersey Region is growing incredibly every year, and it's very successful. SJR extended it's area size when it chartered Princeton, NJ on May 2nd, 2014.


[edit] Chapters

[edit] AZA

  • Marlcrest AZA #2149

Mascot: Muchacho Colors: blue and white

  • Otzma AZA #1203

Mascot: Wolves Colors: orange and blue

  • Woodcrest AZA #1302

Mascot: Warrior Colors: gold and black

  • Chapel AZA #245

Mascot: Trojan Colors: red and black

  • Masada AZA #2440

Mascot: Raptor Colors: purple and red

[edit] BBG

  • Chevrah BBG #2342

Mascot: Frog Color: green

  • Dafna BBG #1110

Mascot: Turtle Colors: green and purple

  • Neshef BBG #2083

Mascot: Skittle Color: purple and silver

  • Ohev BBG #2453

Mascot: M&M Colors: tie dye

  • Tovah BBG #2406

Mascot: Hershey Kiss Colors: Pink and silver

  • Shemesh BBG #18

Mascot: Penguins Colors: yellow and blue

  • Galim BBG

[edit] BBYO

* Re'ut BBYO #5141 Mascot: Raccoon Colors: green and black

* Dubrow BBYO Colors: dark blue and yellow

* Princeton BBYO #5400 Mascot: Tiger Colors: turquoise and black

[edit] 58th Regional Board - Elected May 6th, 2018

Regional Director- Barrie Mittica


  • Godol - Justen Joffe (Chapel AZA)
  • S'gan - Kyle Krell (Marlcrest AZA)
  • Moreh - Ben Savitch (Woodcrest AZA)
  • Mazkir - Owen Soler (Woodcrest AZA)
  • Shaliach - Elliot Arking (Otzma AZA)
  • Gizbor - Jacob Goldstein (Chapel AZA)
  • Kohen Godol - Brett Eisenberg (Masada AZA)


[edit] International

SJR is the home of former International N'siah, Sarah Minion. It is also the home of former International N'siah Arielle Braude (Chevrah BBG), International Mazkirah Sharon Leshner (Dafna BBG), Grand Aleph Moreh Jesse Schor (Marlcrest AZA), and International Aym-HaChaverot Lindsey DuBoff (Chevrah BBG). SJR is also the home of former Grand Aleph Godol Evan Herron (Marlcrest AZA) and former Grand Aleph Moreh Jake DuBoff (Woodcrest AZA). It is home to current Grand Aleph Moreh Jed Friedman (Otzma AZA) for the 2018-2019 year.

Each year, SJR sends many members to International Convention, East Coast Kallah, and summer programs such as CLTC, ILTC, ILSI, Kallah, Passport to the World, and Impact!

[edit] Regional Events

  • Kickoff: usually a dance
  • Competitions: Tournies
  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood
  • Kallah: Regional Kallah
  • Spring Convention and Elections: Spring Thing
  • Fundraisers: restaurants or dances
  • Meetings: throughout the year

[edit] Mascot and Colors

Mascot: Sammy the Jersey Tomato

Colors: Red and Black

[edit] Past Boards

57th N'siah- Trudi Fleishman Godol- Brett Eisenberg S'ganit- Anna Fleisher S'gan- Ben Fallick MIT Mom- Chelsea Stern Moreh- Jed Friedman Sh'licha- Emma Weiss Shaliach- Adam Chazin Mazkirah- Morgan Fisher Mazkir- Drew Hoffman

56th N'siah- Dara Molotsky Godol- Andrew Quigley S'ganit- Trudi Fleishman S'gan- Isaac Rudofker MIT Mom- Zoƫ Arking Moreh- Brett Eisenberg Sh'licha- Danielle Lev Shaliach- Jared Gans Mazkirah- Jess Barr Mazkir- Noah Nadelbach

55th N'siah- Charlotte Nordeen Godol- Sam Eigen S'ganit- Marlena Penn S'gan- Andrew Quigley MIT Mom- Dara Molotsky Moreh- Ben Berk Sh'licha- Sam Waldman Shaliach- Josh Chazin Mazkirah- Bonnie Doogan Mazkir- Ben Curwin

54th N'siah- Jessica Sklar Godol- Michael "Rosie" Rosenthal S'ganit- Marlee Dannenbaum S'gan- Alec Garber MIT Mom- Rebecca Cohen Moreh- Dylan Solden Sh'licha- Rachel Cohen Shaliach- Andrew Quigley Mazkirah- Charlotte Nordeen Mazkir- Sam Eigen

53rd N'siah- Leah Janofsky Godol- Adam Bienstock S'ganit- Sarah Goldfield S'gan- Evan Garber MIT Mom- Hannah Hauptman Moreh- Brad Deren Sh'licha- Leah Mashioff Shaliach- Michael "Rosie" Rosenthal Mazkirah- Jess Sklar Mazkir- Jordan Gomer

52nd N'siah- Alexa Vecchio Godol- Evan Dannenbaum S'ganit- Felicia Gans S'gan- Justin Quigley MIT Mom- Candace Braude Moreh- Adam Bienstock Sh'licha- Natalie Goldberg Shaliach- Neil Begelman Mazkirah- Emily Kahn Mazkir- Brad Deren

51st N'siah- Sarah Minion Godol- Brett Sklar S'ganit- Sydney Dinetz S'gan- Perry Feinstein MIT Mom- Emily Kahn Moreh- Josh Wynne Sh'licha- Samara Levin Shaliach- Alex Siegel Mazkirah- Alexa Vecchio Mazkir- Ryan Nordeen

50th N'siah- Lindsey DuBoff Godol- Lee Begelman S'ganit- Emily McCready S'gan- Aaron Dannenbaum MIT Mom- Jolie Doogan Moreh- Brett Sklar Sh'licha- Ashtyn Golde Shaliach- Josh Wynne Mazkirah- Rachel Gordon Mazkir- Ryan Nordeen

49th N'siah- Arielle Braude Godol- Andrew Abrams S'ganit- Elana Perilstein S'gan- Brandon Cohen MIT Mom- Arielle Braude Moreh- Jesse Schor Sh'licha- Yelena Salkowitz Shaliach- Nate Maor Mazkirah- Sharon Leshner Mazkir- Lee Bienstock

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