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North Carolina Council (NCC) BBYO #57 is the larger council of the two in Eastern Region (the other being Virginia Council ), consisting of more than 350 Alephs and BBGs (of the 600 in Eastern).

Several cities in North Carolina comprimise the Council - Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, and Asheville, along with Roanoke VA (NCC Conventions are geographically closer to Roanoke than VAC Conventions).

AZA Chapters

Mickey Barack Aberman AZA (Charlotte)

Hank Greenberg AZA (Charlotte)

Sigmund Selig Pearl AZA (Greensboro)

Saul Nahum AZA (Raleigh)

BBG Chapters

Chai Chaverim BBG (Charlotte)

Ohavim BBG (Charlotte)

Etta Spier BBG (Greensboro)

Shaina BBG (Raleigh)

BBYO Chapters

Hannah S. Block BBYO (Wilmington)

Kol Harim BBYO (Asheville)

Jeffrey Bennett BBYO (Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg) reorganizing-ACTIVE!

Norah BBYO (Roanoke, VA) - reorganizing

Neshama BBYO (Winston-Salem)

North Carolina Council carries significant presence on the International level as well, serving as the home of the 83rd International N'siah, Renee Sharon - as well as, in the past, and the 69th Grand Aleph Godol, Robert Samet. In recent years North Carolina Council has also become home to the 90th International Mazkirah - Roni Rose, and the 91st Grand Aleph Mazkir - Matthew Rabinowitz.

[edit] 25th Executive Council Board 2015-2016"'

Aleph Zadik Aleph

Godol: Aaron Cooper "(Neshama)"

S'gan: Grey Silverman "(Hank Greenberg)"

Moreh: Noah Merenbloom "(Saul Nahum)"

Shaliach: Noah Krasnipol "(Hannah S. Block)"

Mazkir: David Safir "(Hank Greenberg)"

Gizbor: Jordan Schuler "(Hank Greenberg)"

Sopher: Max Rousso "(Hank Greenberg)

Kohen Godol: Ben Schulman (Mickey Barack Aberman)

B'nai B'rith Girls

N'siah: Marissa Uri (Ohavim)

S'ganit: Bella Taylor (Shaina)"

MIT Mom Ariel Freedman "(Neshama)"

Shlicha: Carly Doobrow (Etta Spier)

Mazkirah: Sophie Levinson (Chai Chaverim)

Gizborit: Marni Ransenberg (Ohavim)

Safranit(Orechet): Peyton Aronson (Shaina)

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