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Lake Ontario Region is one of four BBYO regions in Canada. The region spans the Greater Toronto Area, with chapters in Toronto at the Prosserman JCC, Thornhill at Dufferin Clark Community Centre, Richmond Hill at Elgin West Community Centre and Vaughan at the Schwartz/Reisman Centre. There are currently nine chapters in the region:

  • Achim AZA #1016
  • Ahava BBG #2447
  • Chaverot BBG #2307
  • Dayan AZA #1215
  • Dor Chadash BBG #2404
  • Exodus AZA #1111
  • L'Chaim BBG #2444
  • Kavod V'Kehillah BBYO #5003
  • Magen AZA #2360

Lake Ontario Region hosts two conventions each year: Fall Convention in the autumn and Spring Convention each May.

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