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DC Council #54 is the largest council in Northern Region East BBYO. It covers Montgomery County, MD; Howard County, MD; Prince Georges County, MD; and Washington, D.C.


[edit] Chapters and Important People

[edit] Chapters


  • Abe Pollin
  • Brandeis
  • Capital
  • Einstein
  • Lantos
  • Max Cowan
  • Melech
  • Sammy Davis JR
  • Simon Atlas


  • Achshav
  • Ahavah
  • Beshert
  • Beth Kadima
  • Beyla
  • Galim
  • Hilah
  • Koach
  • Nava
  • N'shama
  • Ruach
  • Yachad


  • Oseh Shalom

[edit] Council Staff

  • Josh Schalk!

[edit] 2018-19 Council Boards


  • Godol Noah Portnoy (Melech AZA)
  • S'gan Zachary Levenhtal (Abe Pollin AZA)
  • Moreh Eric Blackman (Brandeis AZA)
  • Mazkir Jacob Bennett (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Gizbor Zach Askarinam (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Shaliach Liron Karpati (Max Cowan AZA)


  • N'siah Ilana Kaplan (Koach BBG)
  • S'ganit Aliza Reinstein (Koach BBG)
  • MIT Mom Sophia Glaros (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Shlicha Sabrina Bramson (Koach BBG)
  • Mazkirah Rebecca Navarro (Beshert BBG)
  • Gizborit Becky Kauff (Ahavah BBG)

[edit] 2017-18 Council Boards


  • Godol Ben Dross (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • S'gan Jonah Dross (Melech AZA)
  • Moreh Ethan Millstone (Melech AZA)
  • Mazkir Mitch Schuster (Melech AZA)
  • Gizbor Daniel Morgan (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Shaliach Gabe Pollack (Simon Atlas AZA)


  • N'siah Margot Bartol (N'shama BBG)
  • S'ganit Rachel Pollock (Achshav BBG)
  • MIT Mom Ilana Kaplan (Koach BBG)
  • Shlicha Emma Herman (Achshav BBG)
  • Mazkirah Marielle Weisman (Beyla BBG)
  • Gizborit Sophia Glaros (Oseh Shalom BBYO)

[edit] 2016-17 Council Boards


  • Godol Dan Alpert (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • S'gan Amit Koppel (Lantos AZA)
  • Moreh Josh Tow (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Mazkir Ben Jablonover (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Gizbor Derrick Daoust (Melech AZA)
  • Shaliach Josh Cohen (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Sopher Evan Scheinberg (Lantos AZA)


  • N'siah Sammi Agranov (Beth Kadima BBG)
  • S'ganit Elyssa Bellofatto (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • MIT Mom Allie Kalik (Beshert BBG)
  • Shlicha Margot Bartol (N'shama BBG)
  • Mazkirah Chloe Dinman (Beshert BBG)
  • Gizborit Caroline Nesbit (Koach BBG)

[edit] 2015-16 Council Boards


  • Godol Harris Block (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • S'gan Jared Shapiro (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Moreh Josh Lang (Melech AZA)
  • Mazkir Dan Alpert (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Gizbor Sam Katzker (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Shaliach Elliott Davis (Brandeis AZA)
  • Sopher Noah Shapiro (Max Cowan AZA)


  • N'siah Rachel Nevett (Beyla BBG)
  • S'ganit Jeannie Spiegel (Ko'ach BBG)
  • MIT Mom Sammi Agranov (Beth Kadima BBG)
  • Shlicha Samara Langsam (Ko'ach BBG)
  • Mazkirah Rebecca Bartko (Beshert BBG)
  • Gizborit Amelia Dome (Ahavah BBG)

[edit] 2014-15 Council Boards


  • Godol Aaron Dane (Brandeis AZA)
  • S'gan Corey Nadelbach (Max Cowan AZA) (Up until March)
  • S'gan Zach Silver (Simon Atlas AZA) (March to May)
  • Moreh Harris Block (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Mazkir Jacob Snyder (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Gizbor Reed Scherer (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Shaliach Alex Pollack (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Sopher Max Alpert (Simon Atlas AZA) (First Half of the Term)


  • N'siah Emily Kader (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • S'ganit Rachel Nevett (Beyla BBG)
  • MIT Mom Jess Kaplan (Beyla BBG)
  • Shlicha Alexa Herman (Beshert BBG)
  • Mazkirah Andie Neufeld (Ahavah BBG) (Up until February)
  • Gizborit Rebecca Bartko (Beshert BBG)

[edit] 2013-14 Council Boards


  • Godol Jacob Brown (Lantos AZA)
  • S'gan Adam Vinner (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Moreh Chad Gruzin (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Mazkir Cole Margol (Abe Pollin AZA)
  • Gizbor Danny Kobren (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Shaliach Ethan Steinberg (Melech AZA)
  • Sopher Max Byer (Lantos AZA)


  • N'siah Daniella Byck (Beshert BBG)
  • S'ganit Sydney Soroka (Ahavah BBG)
  • MIT Mom Rachel Casper (Beth Kadima BBG)
  • Shlicha Bailey Dinman (Beshert BBG)
  • Mazkirah Emily Kader (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Gizborit Ronit Feifer (Nava BBG)

[edit] 2012-13 Council Boards


  • Godol Brandon Myers (Melech AZA)
  • S'gan Jacob Brown (Lantos AZA)
  • Moreh Samuel Rubin (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Mazkir Eric Fleishman (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Gizbor Ross Davis (Melech AZA)
  • Shaliach Josh Studley (Herzl AZA)
  • Sopher Jordan Pories (Melech AZA)


[edit] 2011-12 Council Boards


  • Godol Jonathan Block (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • S'gan Robert Fertig (Brandeis AZA)
  • Moreh Daniel Fanaroff (Einstein AZA)
  • Mazkir Benjy Sokobin (Brandeis AZA)
  • Gizbor Joey Kader (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Shaliach Sam Rubin (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Sopher Daniel Hamburg (Brandeis AZA)


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[edit] 2009-10 Council Boards


  • Godol Ira Rickman (Brandeis AZA)
  • S'gan Daniel Cooper (Melech AZA)
  • Moreh Ben Simon (Lantos AZA)
  • Mazkir Jonah Potasznik (Brandeis AZA)
  • Gizbor Aaron Katz (Einstein AZA)
  • Shaliach Michael Shapiro (Melech AZA)
  • Sopher Jeff Hilnbrand (Melech AZA)


  • N'siah Laura Epstein (Nava BBG)
  • S'ganit Zara Shore (Ahava BBG)
  • MIT Mom Nikki Jenner (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Shlicha Amy Lieberman (Nava BBG)
  • Mazkirah Julie Thompson (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Gizborit Pam Katz (Beth Kadima BBG)

[edit] 2008-09 Council Boards


  • Godol Noah Kaswell (Brandeis AZA)
  • S'gan Ethan Dubin (Melech AZA)
  • Moreh Max Heller (Einstein AZA)
  • Mazkir Sammy Prywes (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Gizbor Jonathan Ochs (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Shaliach Alex Barry (Brandeis AZA)
  • Sopher Nathan Bernstein (Melech AZA)


  • N'siah Dani Kirsch (Beshert BBG)
  • S'ganit Emily Hurwitz née Perper (Beshert BBG)
  • MIT Mom Miriam Kahn (Beth Kadima BBG)
  • Shlicha Laura Epstein (Nava BBG)
  • Mazkirah Zara Shore (Ahavah BBG)
  • Gizborit Brett Promisloff (Beshert BBG)

[edit] Council Events

  • Annual Gala

Held in early November. The major fundraiser for DC Council. The Phil Berg BBYO Distinguised Alumni Award is presented to a distinguished alum of DC Council, and many parents, alumni, and local philanthropists attend. In 2005 at the innaugural gala, journalist Carl Bernstein was given the award and over $75,000 was raised to support DC Council.

  • Sweetheart/Heartthrob (SH/HT)

Held the day before Thanksgiving. SH/HT is DC Council's semi-formal dance which focuses around the introduction of the newly-elected Sweethearts and Heartthrobs of each chapter. Traditionally, the previous year's alumni come towards the end of the dance to visit.

  • AZAA Football

Held in the fall. DC Council's AZA chapters compete against one another in a two-hand-touch football league.

  • BBG Shabbat

Held in the fall. DC Council's BBGs celebrate shabbat simultaneously with all other BBGs in the international order, and build sisterhood while spending the night at the JCC.

  • AZAA Basketball

Held in the winter/spring. DC Council's AZA chapters compete against one another in a 5-on-5 basketball league.

  • BBG Spirit Day

Held in January. DC Council's BBG chapters compete against one another in competitions judging their spirit, creativity, and talents.

  • Frat Shabbat

Held in the spring. DC Council's AZAs celebrate shabbat simultaneously with all other AZAs in the international order, and build fraternity while camping at Little Bennett Regional Park.

  • AZAA Ultimate

Held in the spring. DC Council's AZA chapters compete against one another in a 8-on-8 ultimate frisbee league.

  • Council Convention

Held in late April/early May. Council Convention is where the council boards are elected. Outgoing seniors who have qualified recive Council Life Membership, and speak about their BBYO experiences in a sacred ceremony called lifetimes.

  • DC Council Awards Night

Held in late May. DC Council members and chapters recieve awards and scholarships.

[edit] Home of:

  • Mascot: Donald Duck
  • Colors: Blue and Yellow
  • Newspaper: "The DC Duckline"
  • The 05-06 International AZAA Chairman Neil Fanaroff and the 05-06 International Teen Connection Chairman Morie "Bo" Newman.
  • International Shaliach Mike Rosenberg (2008-2009)
  • International Morah Ilana Avergun (2009-2010)
  • International S'gan Daniel Cooper (2010-2011)
  • International Morah Orli Berman (2010-2011)
  • International Sh'licha Allison Van Wye (2011-2012)
  • International Shaliach Jake Sorrells (2011-2012)
  • International Mazkirah Talia Katz (2011-2012)
  • International S'ganit Maya Guthman (2013-2014)
  • International Mazkirah Sofie Jacobs (2013-2014)
  • International S'ganit Jeannie Spiegel (2016-2017)
  • International Morah Allie Kalik (2017-2018)
  • International Sh’licha Emma Herman (2018-2019)

[edit] Council Website

Currently, DC Council does not have a website, but is working on one.

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