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DC Council #54 is the largest council in Northern Region East BBYO. It covers Montgomery County, MD; Howard County, MD; Prince Georges County, MD; and Washington, D.C.


[edit] Chapters and Important People

Until the execs start allowing some of the really good engineers and PMs to move from Search to android and chrom, our offerings here will be sub-par. One of the reasons why Android has so many flakey edges is that Search monopolizes like 99% of the talent. And to be quite honest, within Google Search is the only place to get really noticed by the insiders. That might be changing with And1#id&o82r7;s new prominence, but it’s still mostly a backwater.

[edit] Council Staff

[edit] 2017-18 Council Boards


  • Godol Ben Dross (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • S'gan Jonah Dross (Melech AZA)
  • Moreh Ethan Millstone (Melech AZA)
  • Mazkir Mitch Schuster (Melech AZA)
  • Gizbor Daniel Morgan (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Shaliach Gabe Pollack (Simon Atlas AZA)


  • N'siah Margot Bartol (N'shama BBG)
  • S'ganit Rachel Pollock (Achshav BBG)
  • MIT Mom Ilana Kaplan (Koach BBG)
  • Shlicha Emma Herman (Achshav BBG)
  • Mazkirah Marielle Weisman (Beyla BBG)
  • Gizborit Sophia Glaros (Oseh Shalom BBYO)

[edit] 2016-17 Council Boards


  • Godol Dan Alpert (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • S'gan Amit Koppel (Lantos AZA)
  • Moreh Josh Tow (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Mazkir Ben Jablonover (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Gizbor Derrick Daoust (Melech AZA)
  • Shaliach Josh Cohen (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Sopher Evan Scheinberg (Lantos AZA)


  • N'siah Sammi Agranov (Beth Kadima BBG)
  • S'ganit Elyssa Bellofatto (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • MIT Mom Allie Kalik (Beshert BBG)
  • Shlicha Margot Bartol (N'shama BBG)
  • Mazkirah Chloe Dinman (Beshert BBG)
  • Gizborit Caroline Nesbit (Koach BBG)

[edit] 2015-16 Council Boards


  • Godol Harris Block (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • S'gan Jared Shapiro (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Moreh Josh Lang (Melech AZA)
  • Mazkir Dan Alpert (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Gizbor Sam Katzker (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Shaliach Elliott Davis (Brandeis AZA)
  • Sopher Noah Shapiro (Max Cowan AZA)


  • N'siah Rachel Nevett (Beyla BBG)
  • S'ganit Jeannie Spiegel (Ko'ach BBG)
  • MIT Mom Sammi Agranov (Beth Kadima BBG)
  • Shlicha Samara Langsam (Ko'ach BBG)
  • Mazkirah Rebecca Bartko (Beshert BBG)
  • Gizborit Amelia Dome (Ahavah BBG)

[edit] 2014-15 Council Boards


  • Godol Aaron Dane (Brandeis AZA)
  • S'gan Corey Nadelbach (Max Cowan AZA) (Up until March)
  • S'gan Zach Silver (Simon Atlas AZA) (March to May)
  • Moreh Harris Block (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Mazkir Jacob Snyder (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Gizbor Reed Scherer (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Shaliach Alex Pollack (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Sopher Max Alpert (Simon Atlas AZA) (First Half of the Term)


  • N'siah Emily Kader (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • S'ganit Rachel Nevett (Beyla BBG)
  • MIT Mom Jess Kaplan (Beyla BBG)
  • Shlicha Alexa Herman (Beshert BBG)
  • Mazkirah Andie Neufeld (Ahavah BBG) (Up until February)
  • Gizborit Rebecca Bartko (Beshert BBG)

[edit] 2013-14 Council Boards


  • Godol Jacob Brown (Lantos AZA)
  • S'gan Adam Vinner (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Moreh Chad Gruzin (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Mazkir Cole Margol (Abe Pollin AZA)
  • Gizbor Danny Kobren (Max Cowan AZA)
  • Shaliach Ethan Steinberg (Melech AZA)
  • Sopher Max Byer (Lantos AZA)


  • N'siah Daniella Byck (Beshert BBG)
  • S'ganit Sydney Soroka (Ahavah BBG)
  • MIT Mom Rachel Casper (Beth Kadima BBG)
  • Shlicha Bailey Dinman (Beshert BBG)
  • Mazkirah Emily Kader (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Gizborit Ronit Feifer (Nava BBG)

[edit] 2012-13 Council Boards


  • Godol Brandon Myers (Melech AZA)
  • S'gan Jacob Brown (Lantos AZA)
  • Moreh Samuel Rubin (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Mazkir Eric Fleishman (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Gizbor Ross Davis (Melech AZA)
  • Shaliach Josh Studley (Herzl AZA)
  • Sopher Jordan Pories (Melech AZA)


[edit] 2011-12 Council Boards


  • Godol Jonathan Block (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • S'gan Robert Fertig (Brandeis AZA)
  • Moreh Daniel Fanaroff (Einstein AZA)
  • Mazkir Benjy Sokobin (Brandeis AZA)
  • Gizbor Joey Kader (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Shaliach Sam Rubin (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Sopher Daniel Hamburg (Brandeis AZA)


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[edit] 2009-10 Council Boards


  • Godol Ira Rickman (Brandeis AZA)
  • S'gan Daniel Cooper (Melech AZA)
  • Moreh Ben Simon (Lantos AZA)
  • Mazkir Jonah Potasznik (Brandeis AZA)
  • Gizbor Aaron Katz (Einstein AZA)
  • Shaliach Michael Shapiro (Melech AZA)
  • Sopher Jeff Hilnbrand (Melech AZA)


  • N'siah Laura Epstein (Nava BBG)
  • S'ganit Zara Shore (Ahava BBG)
  • MIT Mom Nikki Jenner (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Shlicha Amy Lieberman (Nava BBG)
  • Mazkirah Julie Thompson (Oseh Shalom BBYO)
  • Gizborit Pam Katz (Beth Kadima BBG)

[edit] 2008-09 Council Boards


  • Godol Noah Kaswell (Brandeis AZA)
  • S'gan Ethan Dubin (Melech AZA)
  • Moreh Max Heller (Einstein AZA)
  • Mazkir Sammy Prywes (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Gizbor Jonathan Ochs (Simon Atlas AZA)
  • Shaliach Alex Barry (Brandeis AZA)
  • Sopher Nathan Bernstein (Melech AZA)


  • N'siah Dani Kirsch (Beshert BBG)
  • S'ganit Emily Hurwitz née Perper (Beshert BBG)
  • MIT Mom Miriam Kahn (Beth Kadima BBG)
  • Shlicha Laura Epstein (Nava BBG)
  • Mazkirah Zara Shore (Ahavah BBG)
  • Gizborit Brett Promisloff (Beshert BBG)

[edit] Council Events

  • Annual Gala

Held in early November. The major fundraiser for DC Council. The Phil Berg BBYO Distinguised Alumni Award is presented to a distinguished alum of DC Council, and many parents, alumni, and local philanthropists attend. In 2005 at the innaugural gala, journalist Carl Bernstein was given the award and over $75,000 was raised to support DC Council.

  • Sweetheart/Heartthrob (SH/HT)

Held the day before Thanksgiving. SH/HT is DC Council's semi-formal dance which focuses around the introduction of the newly-elected Sweethearts and Heartthrobs of each chapter. Traditionally, the previous year's alumni come towards the end of the dance to visit.

  • AZAA Football

Held in the fall. DC Council's AZA chapters compete against one another in a two-hand-touch football league.

  • BBG Shabbat

Held in the fall. DC Council's BBGs celebrate shabbat simultaneously with all other BBGs in the international order, and build sisterhood while spending the night at the JCC.

  • AZAA Basketball

Held in the winter/spring. DC Council's AZA chapters compete against one another in a 5-on-5 basketball league.

  • BBG Spirit Day

Held in January. DC Council's BBG chapters compete against one another in competitions judging their spirit, creativity, and talents.

  • Frat Shabbat

Held in the spring. DC Council's AZAs celebrate shabbat simultaneously with all other AZAs in the international order, and build fraternity while camping at Little Bennett Regional Park.

  • AZAA Ultimate

Held in the spring. DC Council's AZA chapters compete against one another in a 8-on-8 ultimate frisbee league.

  • Council Convention

Held in late April/early May. Council Convention is where the council boards are elected. Outgoing seniors who have qualified recive Council Life Membership, and speak about their BBYO experiences in a sacred ceremony called lifetimes.

  • DC Council Awards Night

Held in late May. DC Council members and chapters recieve awards and scholarships.

[edit] Home of:

  • Mascot: Donald Duck
  • Colors: Blue and Yellow
  • Newspaper: "The DC Duckline"
  • The 05-06 International AZAA Chairman Neil Fanaroff and the 05-06 International Teen Connection Chairman Morie "Bo" Newman.
  • International Shaliach Mike Rosenberg (2008-2009)
  • International Morah Ilana Avergun (2009-2010)
  • International S'gan Daniel Cooper (2010-2011)
  • International Morah Orli Berman (2010-2011)
  • International Sh'licha Allison Van Wye (2011-2012)
  • International Shaliach Jake Sorrells (2011-2012)
  • International Mazkirah Talia Katz (2011-2012)
  • International S'ganit Maya Guthman (2013-2014)
  • International Mazkirah Sofie Jacobs (2013-2014)
  • International S'ganit Jeannie Spiegel (2016-2017)
  • International Morah Allie Kalik (2017-2018)
  • International Sh’licha Emma Herman (2018-2019)

[edit] Council Website

Currently, DC Council does not have a website, but is working on one.

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